"Cab Ride" (Work in Progress)

HD / B&W / 5min
Two strangers share a cab ride through a city that's undergoing gentrification.

"Winter Hill"

HD / Color / 15min
A coming-of-age story about the friendship between two teenage girls during the summer of 1995.


s16mm / Color / 5min
Two childhood friends come to the painful realization that they have grown apart.

"Orgasmatique, Dramatique, Horror"

DV / B&W / 2min
A play on body genres, can you guess which one?

"What I Know About Snakes"

DV / Color / 4min
A film about relationships, entrapment and Ophidiophobia (abnormal fear of snakes).


16mm / B&W / 8min


16mm / B&W / 3min
A film about a lack of fulfillment physically through food and metaphorically through sex.

"Where I used to Be"

A documentation of a restless night.